About me

I'm the voice of the user as much as a team member experienced and mutli-skilled who wants your project to rock.


After my studies as a Graphic Designer, I took a break. During this time off where I experienced life, I discovered the web and dug in it by myself. I started a blog using an online service that allowed me to create my design – and by so learning the bases of HTML and CSS. Later, I launched my first Wordpress – and by so upgrading my skills on PHP, jQuery, MySQL. These digital supports were filled with whatever material I was producing at the moment – and created comics, illustrations, photographs, nouvels… After about two years, I felt the time was right to consolidate all these things I've touched and I signed up for a formation as Web Designer.

Then I started my professional life for good. Joining PayPal was a great opportunity for me to work with some of the best experts in their field I've never met. It gave me the chance to know what I want to do and how to do it.

When this adventure ended, I started to work as a freelancer. This is for me the way to keep the liberty I need to make my work great (or at least good enough). Keep the routine away. Keep meeting nice people. Keep experimenting.

And as a designer, I like to see the products I work on to be used. To be relevant, I always work with the user in mind, involving him during my process of conception when it's necessary. He is the one we want to use the product, not the PO, not the CEO. I may say it quite often !

I'm looking forward to meeting you and speaking about your project. Feel free to reach out ! Greetings, Vincent

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